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"Female Firstborns are few and rare in the Balcoin family, did you know that?"

Morgan Edge to Chloe Sullivan.

Chapter 66: Byron Moore

There have only been three Firstborn Females born to the Balcoin House, and while they are extremely rare they are also just as powerful, possessing incredible gifts that are only passed to Firsborn females.

Abilities Possessed Solely By Female FirstbornsEdit


Firstborn daughters have the ability to enthrall humans and witches alike, inducing complete devotion in their victims.


Before the introduction of dark magic into their bloodline by Francis Balcoin, Firstborn females were highly adept at healing.


Unlike their male counterparts, who dominate with fear and power, female Firstborns rule by forging magical bonds with their subjects.

Known Firstborn Balcoin MatriarchsEdit

Vika Balcoin-Darkseid

Arabella Balcoin

Chloe Sullivan (Balcoin-Darkseid)

Vika Balcoin-DarkseidEdit

Vika Balcoin

Vika Balcoin

Not only was Vika the first female Firstborn, but she was also the Original Balcoin witch, Founder of the Balcoin House and Clan. She, along with the ancestors of the Houses of Luthor, Wylt, Le Fay, Tentagel and Sigan, were responsible the first witches to exist.

While initially a naive yet happy young girl, like Moira, the ultimate betrayal by the man she loved, and contstant heartaches afterwards changed her into a harder woman who did things she didn't think she'd ever be capable of doing to be able to survive and right her wrongs.

Despite being an Original, and thus one of the most powerful witches, she sacrificed much of her power to achieve her ends, and thus isn't as strong as she should've been because of it.

Arabella BalcoinEdit

Arabella Balcoin 2

Arabella Balcoin

The second female Balcoin Firstborn, Arabella was the power behind the Thrall War which rocked the magical community and is still told by witches to their children as bedtime tales to scare them. She was forced into powering the Thrall War by her father, Ignatius Balcoin, once he discovered that she had inherited the ability of Enthrallment.

A section of Chloe's Firstborn Trial in "A Game of Thrones" was based on Arabella. As a child she was moved around from Court to Court so she could develop relationships within the different Houses of the Six, and she ultimately fell in love with the heir of the House of Luthor, a romantic alliance which wasn't allowed. It ended badly for Arabella and the Luthor heir, yet differently thand it did in the Trial, which was designed as a test for Chloe.

Chloe Sullivan (Balcoin-Darkseid)Edit

Chloe Sullivan (Balcoin-Darkseid)

Chloe Sullivan (Balcoin-Darkseid)

The latest Balcoin Firstborn, Chloe also serves as the heiress to the Darkseid Circle through her magical father. As such she's the first Original who commands two Original Circles.

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