"I really have. Chloe, you're my best friend. I've missed you so much." Clark went to sit down next to her, a little uneasy at being on the bed with her and yet obviously quite determined. "Nell said that we couldn't let those who weren't part of the Circle yet know. It's imperative that our powers remain secret. Smallville nearly became another Burning Town, and even though people these days are more understanding when it comes to witchcraft, it's safer for us to keep our craft secret. There's people out there who still hunt witches, the real ones."

Clark explaining to Chloe why he stopped being friends with her at the beginning of the story.

Chapter 2: A Confrontation and a Kiss

Clark Kent is a descendant of the Clark Family, from which Martha Kent was descended. It is unknown what his surname was in the past or if he is attached to any prominent witch families. He is the childhood friend of Chloe Sullivan and Pete Ross, as well as a former prospective member of the Thoreaux Circle.

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