"Screw you, Fordman. I'm uneducated! I'm crass! I'm edgy! I fight against the system! The man! I-I-!" Greg deflated. "Chicks dig the whole bad boy persona, okay? Just – just pretend I'm actually completely uncouth, okay? I've got a good thing going here."

- Greg Arkin to Whitney Fordman.

Chapter 74: Two Weeks - Make Me.

Greg Arkin's father was killed by witch hunters, and it was his death that dissolved the "Old Circle" headed by Nell Potter.

Greg's family, the Withridge, are traceable to sharing a Circle with the Hibbins and the Thoreaux as far back as medieval France. Despite this he chose to instead try for Chloe Sullivan (Balcoin-Darkseid)'s Circle instead of Lana Lang's. He eventually became a part of Chloe's Darkseid Circle.


Greg's Cyclops symbol

Greg's symbol is the All Seeing Eye.


Before his magic awakened, Greg was a nerd who was obsessed with bugs to the degree that he was known as "Bug Boy" by the other kids in Smallville High. Because of this, once his powers awokened he used it to reinvent himself into a cocky "bad boy" and sometimes gets lost in that persona. Despite that, Greg is truly caring and considerate, a lot more like "Bug Boy" than he likes to admit.

He's read Twilight because he reasons Edward and Jacob must both be doing something right to have so many fan girls, and sees himself somewhat like Jacob Black.

Special AbilitiesEdit


Greg has inherited the Withridge special ability of Touch-Sight, and has proven himself very useful in the past, able to even unblock memories that Granny Goodness had blocked in Chloe.


While not fully touched on, Greg had dreams of what Chloe and Whitney were going through in Rao's fortress.

Relationships (Romantic)Edit

Diana balcoin

Diana Balcoin

Diana Balcoin

When Greg first heard that Chloe had a sister his first reaction was to wonder if she was attractive, and was he saw her he decided that yes, she was attractive. Despite that things seemed to remain platonic between the two of them. They've gone through a lot together, working as liaison agents for their respective Circles, and have developed a strong bond, with hints of more than platonic feelings for each other.


Cassie Blake

Cassie Blake

Greg thought Cassie nothing more than a spoilt brat at first, and then she moved in with him and his mother after Lana and Pete took over, and she became more of a cute pain in his side whom his mother adored for some reason he couldn't quite understand. They grew very close during this time, Cassie the only one knowing about his nightmares of what Chloe and Whitney were going through, and the two working together.

Relationships (Otherwise)Edit

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