"The girl reached for the pendant Whitney hadn't even noticed, looking away, expression disturbed. 'I don't claim that House, I only keep this because it was my mother's. She was from the Le Fay House, her brother is Janus Le Fay. I have no love for that House, that Clan. Should they die tomorrow I'd only visit their graves to spit on them. He left my mother, father and I here to rot.'" Zatanna to Whitney and Chloe. Chapter 83: Unexpected Introductions.

Zatanna is the last living member of the Le Fay Clan, but lost the right to lead the House, essentially losing her place amongst the Six. Since she has never harbored any good feelings towards her family she doesn't mind and gets a dark sense of vindication in knowing that the Le Fay House is basically gone.

She is a member of Chloe's Darkseid Circle and is the girl's Bloodbound, a position which allows her to be physically and mentally close to the blonde when she's close to death or in a situation in which Chloe might be in danger of death. Her symbol is the alchemic symbol for blood. 
Zatanna and Symbol

Zatanna's Bloodbound Symbol


For a very long time (most of her life) Zatanna's only driving force was to remain free from the Draconian Ruling Class (and stay alive). Her only desire was to find a way to escape the hell dimension her family had left her in, and because of living her life in solitude Zatanna doesn't have much people skills, or even much of a desire to cultivate them. In a way she understands Draconians better than she understands her fellow humans.

Zatanna hasn't made much of an effort to fit in with the other members of Chloe's Circles, or to become friends with them, her sole purpose (despite Chloe's objections) to serve the blonde.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Le Fay magic

The Le Fay have a special magic in which they can command spells by saying them backwards.

Bloodbound magic

While she hasn't truly manifested her new abilities as Bloodbound, Zatanna wants desperately to do so.


Chloe Sullivan (Balcoin-Darkseid)
Chloe Sullivan (Balcoin-Darkseid)

Chloe Sullivan (Balcoin-Darkseid)

Chloe sullivan

As Chloe's Bloodbound, Zatanna has tapped into Chloe's Draconian magic in a way that only Whitney has as her Sanguine. Bloodbounds are basically servants, and Zatanna takes that position seriously. She is annoyed whenever Chloe tries to tell her to stop doing things for her and to try go out and enjoy herself, to form relationships with other people.